Friday, June 30, 2023

The man whom Milan Kučan and his team depudised upon so called Slovenian independence but who have with Slovenian psychiatrists and politicians regularly travelled to Moscow since my age 6 or 7 was Slavoj Žižek

For the most part torture was implemented and Žižek was as violent with me since my childhood as it gets. Torture went on inside of the Moscow school system. At first at two

schools where I would have to attend DRUGGED UP mixed classes - most of the time with children from international backgrounds for whom they claimed also were MK Ultra subjects(NOT TRUTH - THOSE FEW THAT WERE WERE DESTROYED ALSO INMOSCOW), and here and then with Russian children what they referred to as NORMAL. I cite Russian MK Ultra staff members, "only if you will do excellent in Russian MK Ultra school, you will be allowed to seat next to Russian pupils and study with them".

Sergei Shoigu who was acknowledged by kids as the most violent individual due to physically launching kicking beating children, however, have in madness(appologised one with claims on how children have to learn young what life is all about to become more resistant), have forgotten to have daughter at home who almost was my age. Yulia Sergeevna Shoigu eventually met me during MK Ultra torture when I was age 16(after some 8 years of beatings her father committed) or perhaps even 14 and it was expected from me by her father to become her future husband. I didn't have problem at first with Yulia Shoigu, but her father did reminded me of violent past and whole Russian picture was revolving in my head more and more about violence and retaliation which I promised them in face at age 8. It was time when Lavrov who hated me as much as adult can hate child, claimed me will probably never see each other but was repeatedly wrong and have in his rage flew to Slovenia at Osnovna Šola Grm in Novo mesto in fourth grade to ensure personally with Shoigu that torture was implemented on me in Slovenia. At my age 10, a real struggle for survival commenced - it was all about survival due to degree of torture but I kept coming back and on each occasion, Russians viewed bigger and bigger child infront of them - its what I hoped for to just stay alive. Then 6th, and 7th grade I was ready to physically fight during MK Ultra in Moscow any adults including Lavrov who was giant. Worse yet, grammar school in Slovenia didn't manage to destroy me to degree I would abandon education and/or steer me as Yugoslavia hoped into school for mentally disabled children. In 7th or 8th grade at age 12/13, two years older Serbian Aleksandar Vučić climbed on the picture with Russians claiming me how they will watch me fail and Aleksandar Vučić becoming a president instead of me.....just five years latter and upon my completion of education for maintenance mechanic program and mechanical engineering technician, Slovenia officially became separated from Yugoslavia(greater Serbia) through 10 day war....USSR have fallen months upon fall of Yugoslavia....Aleksandar Vučić did became a president of best graders as they referred to their kids as and I struggled to stay alive to very today. NATO countries demanded from me in my face in 2017 a death through their representatives who claimed all along saw themselves in me and my being part of them while engaging in nothing but swift genocide ...I cite those who participated schools of death in Moscow to watch what was done to me in 2017 wishing me death, "last few steps you will do it yourself we explained you everything you have to eat to stay alive"....

The last few steps, however, translated into bestiality I endured health wise during what was in 2017(already 42 years of so called MK Ultra) which included under MK Ultra by West supported and incited into cancer, spine breaking procedures, liver and kidney problems, anemia....@Merkel, Von der Leyen, Trump, Biden, Bush, British royals, Hollywood - am I right !!?????

Shoigu for those who doubt, had back then his Yulia back where family is from and not in Moscow. Only whenever she would flew with father to Moscow which most of the time was during vacation time I would get to see her - this also was a decisive factor my having enough of whole thing. Yulia became a psychologist

Drugged up I was laughed at by Russian pupils as indoctrinated by Russian teachers probably at age 9 and withing moments rejected to seat with them inside of the class for good - you could torture all you wanted, I no longer wanted to have anything to do with any of them. Slovenia was certain could begun with Soviets to switch children I realized as I walked with Žižek on streets of Moscow back and forth to different facilities. 

Joe Biden gave Slovenian Lojze Peterle a personal assurance that one has nothing to worry about due to genocide against me. Joe will take care everything.

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