Friday, June 30, 2023

Americans knew all about health problem as far as having the ability to listed to blood pressure sound during butcheries - tutored Slovenian side on how to know it can become too dangerous

If sound was sssssssssssssssssss it was ok for them. It depended on loudness or intensity of one, however, they rated one with levels from 1 to 3. But if blood pressure sound begun to also throb like dr dr dr dr dr dr dr at highest level, they warned I am inched from death in case I ever hear one. How this was done as was done on a frequent bases since 1995, I have no clue. This also was used as an indicator on what food has what impact.

Regardless whether indoor or/and outdoor. Awake or sleep. In forest or asphalt or bed - they prompted me to listen and pay attention to whatever they wanted me to hear

Brain gets during MK Ultra so used to sound that it simply rejects and one needs to be prompted to her own sound.

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