Tuesday, June 1, 2021

I identified two German friends involved in MK Ultra but American Joe Bidens apparatus disrupts video with constant remote cyber attacks using pause button during recordings

I was increasingly cyber attacked(Windows operating system is modified) using internet when recording whole video as I am doing huge MK Ultra report on Bavarian state - not only two friends involved in MK Ultra...lost two days because of attacks via pause button which they activate during recording what leads each time after few hours of recording to dead end street - leaving you just to realize that someone paused video recording along the way...and what precisely is United Nations for other than cover-up for elites !!???
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/H-PMJrgRkn4

Its increasingly appears UN to be institution in which everyone is in it for own piece(own interests) supporting "conspiracy theories" to actually trade them for the sake of personal banking accounts and other interests - not one for common good do.

I don't think I should be worrying at his stage about stuff as reported here I lost no less 26 years...

@UN - what happened with 9/11 "conspiracy theorists" for whom your officials insisted me have investigated them, but somehow didn't have enough proofs since here you have more than enough proofs, but somehow words don't come easy now out of your mouths !!?????

Nobody wants to blow brain working all day long and produce nothing - sacrificing health not only economical status to be at the end and where money for US is coming from - ruined...CURRUPT !!!

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