Friday, February 22, 2019

Immigration meeting

Have made video, but one needs to be improved. Will add 4 hours of voice recording to one - entire interview.

Got extension for another 3 months in Poland, but this doesnt matter as much as am about to reveal in video. Officers treated me along with translator exceptionally well and would like to express my gratitude to them. Problem, however, was that same as on first interview I dudnt face any questions about US - situation related to Melania Trump.

There is no place till Monday where video could be made do, but this is part of the logic.

I walked over 30 killometers in rain as there was no other way to get arround and got again burglarised same night by roomate and so on...ticket for train(half way would cost less than 2 Zloty but debit card indicated lac of founds) also is gone and that one will cost me almost 7 Zloty(will not be capable to ask even for trip money one way) but such is the burglary logic and so on...


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