Friday, February 2, 2024

During MK Ultra, Slovenian police have beginning 1998 went on to use with neighbors what appears were electric shock collars FOR DOGS

Updated 30 minutes latter same day Initial use of electric shock collars CONSISTED ENTIRELY OF USE AROUND NECK AREA as neighbor Andrej Ukhl worried deeply about being seen with it public

Andrej Uhl, Berger Aleš, Peterlin Jernej, Dane Kolenc, Metod Jerman and others didn't mind squeezing electricity in me through ankles, wrist and they sported mistreatment clearly for several years(minimum a decade and half) despite being told not to - the real question appears if they ever even stopped using one entirely. My parents knew all about it and have watched how it works on me with father and neighbor Kotar being fascinated about it
(who knows what went on with father really once he saw neighbors and police using such bracelet on me - he alone used it on me on few occasions, but don't recall about using one for much more)
. I clearly remember use of those in what was 2015/2016 at Šmarješke toplice by police where forced to acknowledge once ponied out as per what was used that its use on me never ever stopped. Lawyer neighbor Miroslav Berger referred to me beginning 2000 as German shepard - also treated me infront of his house like animal by giving me commands used during training dogs. Nobody was disturbed right out under the bright day sunny light. I am lucky to be alive - lucky to not have thought about use of electric dog collars as I probably would skip all "proof" searching on the first sight of one on the street and what also was the goal of police which armed neighbors with guns. Not only Baha man, but Snoop Dogg would know everything about here stated. I was demonstrated dog electric shock collars in USA and laughed at all the time. It was a renascence of whatever(RACISM + FASCISM + UNMATCHED HATRED) you do like to see this as. It appeared to me earliest possibly even prior to serial production models were delivered to Slovenes by my newly founded American homeland fellow citizens as its production I clearly remember went on into full effect in 1999. Andrej Uhl was mind absorbed with new tool on how effective it is - loved to see how it works and showed off with one to others to see.


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