Sunday, February 4, 2024

MK ULTRA YEMEN - i do suggest US military to disclose public how their contractors went with US military deep into Houthi territory in 2008 VIA communication installation in Sanaa

US military made a very strong friendship with Houthis and that relation, I suspect, didn't change even a bit. Everything done for Houthis was based on humanitarian grounds and FREE of charge with Joe Biden as one of the main people encharged. They had me everywhere. Sanaa was a regular MK Ultra stop for me since 1997 even 1996, but in 2008 it all expended to areas near Sanaa held by Houthis. Joe Biden couldn't believe his luck - USING ME, CIA MADE IT EVERYWHERE AROUND GLOBE. Hothi's strongholds near Sanaa became a regular stop since with major work till completed in 2011 with Germans who also parasiteted themselves on American picture using me. @Merkel and the rest of the team - you were nasty about it and tat is not the way to thank anyone for subjecting himself to MK Ultra torture for your sake.

Mr. billionaire Joe Biden presents himself to public as a guru knows everything when in facts was and is a regular parasite with all cards laid down his pocket - involved in this case over 50 years. Shared same task with other parasites which was make my life impossible and suck world via curruption from within. HUMAN PARASITES.

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