Sunday, August 20, 2023

With moths which police planted inside of my room, it was Janez Janša who planned on profiting from within

 Criminal believed according to MK Ultra brainwash would play with Lojze Peterle with my sanity in-front of filthy Slovenes who got their homes finally cleaned up and in some cases even paid in for as new by European Union.

The two criminal believed would publicly(three kings always insisted from me to see them as judges - specially Peterle) decide wit Rupel faith of Slovenian police crime work inside of my room with which they terrorized and traumatized under MK Ultra for some 20 years before moths appeared inside of my room(for the first time in my life this year and it was as promised with mother who would open doors from room for those to go throughout house to call for police assistance). Slovenian police commenced crime which they wanted to investigate with 1# insane windows condense during which a glass of water was spilled all over the window shelve, #2 clogged by earth sink on the toilet, #3 mold, #4 broken on the shower room a pipe handle, #5 garden ants in the kitchen with which they played with with mother under MK Ultra, #6 mother creating filthy sink pool, #7 moths keep me busy. Obviously the biggest gangster in whole genocide ordeal were above mentioned people with the rest of the pro "independence" crew. All teh crime next to father at the hospital and home in elderly approved by British royals because I guess I do not count on this world - am too small and worthless fr them to fear any consequences. Will see how it works.

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