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If I were Serb or Russian, my God given strength would be advantage based on which I would be a president

But because I was Slovenian native, other merits applied to me within Yugoslav federation - SFRJ.

Tito was brazen enough to even suggest me upon tour in USA where I was tested how we don't want to be

seen as nation of big strongmen, but instead book wise people(thats how Tito apologized Soviet madness to me in my face) and for which reason he ordered for child development hormones injections to implemented on me.

Contrary to my case, Vućić and others(all Russians and Serbs who tested themselves in physical strengths) got his GROWTH HORMONES injections implemented on them I became his curse because of which one really had to disappear from stage at age 88(British royals, French and others who witnessed ordeal were too much even for a such a person to remain on stage) - I now don't believe he died in 1980 in Ljubljana. He got himself a death certificate. Regular Soviet politician with little extra powers in his place. I just saw in internet sand bags were loaded into his casket at the funeral due to as they cite "hygienic reasons".

Josip Broz Tito , Tito , MILAN KUČAN , Milan Kučan , Borut Pahor, MK ULTRA BELGRADE

The biggest chetnik in Yugoslavia was a Josip Broz Tito   My ENTIRE family(aunts, cousins etc.) embraced ORDER OF Josip Broz Tito against me because of my grandmother - they were partisans and I was just their child and grandchild. My grandma was not straight toward me, but am glad I was with her. I will not change my views on WWII, but will be a bit just little more cautious when dealing with people.

Tito's corpse replaced by sand in the coffin at the funeral

Former secret agent reveals, hygienic reasons & unbearable smell

15 October, 09:48

(ANSA) - TRIESTE - Hundreds of thousands of Yugoslav citizens, dozens of heads of state and PMs came to Yugoslavia from around the world to bestow the last honours on the Marshal. But there was no corpse in Tito's coffin: everyone cried in front of a coffin filled only with sand, in order to simulate the weight of a human body.

This is the controversial background of Josip Broz Tito's grandiose funeral, held in Belgrade on May 8, 1980, unveiled to the Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti by Obren Djordjevic, former senior officer of the Yugoslav security services. According to Djordjevic, the coffin that everyone expected to contain Tito's mortal remains, was actually full of sand. This weird decision should be ascribed to a small group of employees of the Yugoslav leader, since soon after the death - that officially took place on May 4, 1980 in Ljubljana - the body is supposed to have started smelling bad, because of a rapid decomposition process due to gangrene. This pathology occurred as a consequence of the drugs which had been prescribed for months to the patient. Therefore, none of the many mysteries that we are used to see in the communist regimes in those years, but ''an empty coffin for hygienic reasons'', Djordjevic explained.

According to the interviewee, the secret would be known by only two highest leaders of the regime, Doronjski and Dolanc, both disappeared, as well as by a small number of body guards of Titus. This confession made by Djordjevic while he was speaking to Vecernje Novosti, who called the story ''Tito's latest scam'', was reported by the major media of the Balkans and widely commented online. Readers are divided into two parties: skeptical and interested. The first party thinks that the spread of extravagant stories about Marshal should finally come to an end; the second party is composed of those who do not hesitate to consider plausible the story told by former official Djordjevic, a senior officer who has been in service for decades and that the newspaper itself considers reliable. Although his version does not seem to be verifiable: he would be the only witness who's still alive. Anyway, there are also wiser comments posted by readers who pointed out the true value of the ceremony held in May 1980: the people's genuine emotions.

Therefore, it makes little difference whether the coffin contained sand or human remains. ( ANSA).


--- AGE 4 AND 5 BELGRADE: About Josip Broz Tito MK Ultra in Belgrade my early childhood - how Yugoslavia fell apart, how

--- The one who broke Yugoslavia was Borisav Jović - and Borisav Jović worked for Karađorđević family

--- For you to know why Josip Broz Tito loved MK Ultra in my case so much - because Serbian kids till my age 12, never ever got physically right even if 2 years older than myself

--- HERE IS why I loved Josip Broz Tito under MK Ultra so much

--- The watch prince Andrew chose for Josip Broz Tito and Tito's real death unless Serbian chetniks perpetrated with psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje also his afterlife with which I no longer wanted to have anything to do with

--- For you to know why Josip Broz Tito loved MK Ultra in my case so much - because Serbian kids till my age 12, never ever got physically right even if 2 years older than myself

--- The one who broke Yugoslavia was Borisav Jović - and Borisav Jović worked for Karađorđević family


--- Nurse Janko have with Slovenian politicians and British royals in 2000 VIA MY EX ECUADORIAN WIFE insisted on my fixing teeth under MK Ultra with what they referred to as new types of plumbs which will last forever



You can FREELY post and share for free anywhere in the world, but without the right to charge for content or modify blog posts(or to add whatever is not mine to one) in any way. With my being cut even from healthcare for which mother is paying out of her own pocket to look legitimate as possible(with so many royals writing their own memoirs for so many years already without releasing single one), I figured out is in my best interest to share here seen with you world.

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