Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Talking about Ndrangheta will not solve problems - but solving 40% unemployment in which young people are drowning in Calabria will

Because these are old Italian families from area(what are you going to do with them !!????) and because drugs reach European continent, the problem of Ndrangheta is on shoulders of European Union which have done nothing to solve one.

You could talk about Ndrangheta if unemployment would be 10% and even then society is faced with serious psychological issues, but not with catastrophic indicator which is suggesting no future for young people. Issue which obviously will worsen due to arrival of artificial intelligence, but issue which European Union DID NOT INVEST IN ANSWERING EVEN A SINGLE GRAM ALSO FOR PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES WITHING EU which are in similar situation. I am against mafia as much as one can be, but I am also for just economic subsidiaries of EU. EU must urgently restructure its employment market as is as such already failed structure as anything in this world can be. Young people must(must have the right the ability <== NO, THEY MUST AND NOT HAVE "ABILITY OR RIGHT") be educated to purchase land build home or purchase quality home to raise 3 children(and reliable car) and enjoy retirement as stated here is a fundamental of civilized society. As for everything else, people shouldn't buy in it. Floods and other issues used withing European Union murder people too. Yeah I heard people saying that it is violence that bother them as the only thing about Ndrangheta, but by reading above you will realize its circumstances that make people wild. You can be poeacefuk in your cosy home with 7am to 15pm job, but not in environment that has blur picture for you...

How about instead of 30 hours a week which leaves people too much time on hand and what EU promotes instead a 50 hour workweek in sectors excluding AI for some time to come !!???? Because its not about how many Euros you get per month, but purchase power which must ensure young a good education and old a care... perhaps its again time for cheaper cars, and affordable quality homes based on selected by state architecture which should catch ambient for human eye to picture reality as it should be...EU AND I AM ALMOST SORRY TO SAY THIS DUE TI MY BEING EASTERN EUROPEAN, LOST ITS TRACK AND LOST ONE THROUGH MORALITY - ETHICS WHICH DEMAND FOR PEOPLE TO HATE OWN MIRROR IMAGE.

As  I stated, I decline to have anything to do with mafia but as someone who pursued law enforcement career all my life must accent that SOMETIMES problem solving is a greater choice than profession itself...why to get in the politics or law enforcement with idea to condemn and punish only...Ndranghetas are everywhere. In every country in this world and are as young as age of 1 day.

Turning Calabria and Sicilia into centers for elderly people from EU providing care for them just as is case with Florida would also help locals...Southern part of Italy where unemployment is rampant has it advantages all year round and its up to country as well as EU officials to take initiative in it. Ndrangheta is for me someone who doesn't want to work and I don't know for any person as such. Putin is about as close as it gets to Ndrangheta because one is motivated the most in killing and is powered by oil money from Russian taxpayers. Thats a real Ndrangheta

It is extremely difficult to be a police officer in such environment and not because of the bad guys, but to see bad in such an unemployment. I assume every cop within such environment has a private Ndrangheta at home waiting one to bring home bred. Its really a tougher job than even opening those containers where checking for drugs if not already bad enough.

Young don't need no psychologists to solve their drinking problems - they do need future do. They have the right to life(education, work) in another words.

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