Tuesday, August 8, 2023

To temper the proofs for European elites such as British royals and Euro police, Slovenian state prosecutors have with police in 2011 or 2012 probably murdered Krka resident who became a full time drug dealer

Krka village had police rules in place - no job, no right to drug dealing. These rules were enforced through local police officer Metod Jerman who would deal special assignments to Italy to locals.

Very shortly after his death(man was not from Krka village originally, but moved here - all I know about one is that he lived next door to Judež Boštjan and if somehow not dead as was told, he still does - his age about is age of my own with few years extra this man begun to drug deal only and left work where he was heavily tolerated was told on behalf of police just to keep him employed - he had 3 year school), I was thrown into psychiatric hospital. Ohhh, and Euro investigators also stopped bye bye to ensure me how they have everything necessary to help me out in respect to Krka village drug investigation alone. No, I never ever mentioned anything about drugs at Krka village till a day ago. I am almost age 52 and sure never ever made a cent from drugs. Bad mistake Slovenian police made. Enough big for entire Novo mesto police and interior ministry lock-down.

There was someone else who also investigated here stated and on whose recommendation above stated could have taken place - at least I haven't noticed concern of any kind for me at the time(quite contrary). FBI.


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