Monday, August 28, 2023

@Wagner - as for your pledge, know that Putin and Russia are two different things

Best thing your boss Prigozhin did was to read this blog where I advised you on time to NOT GO TO RUSSIA AS PUTIN HAD NUCLEAR WEAPONRY READY TO WIPE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. Prigozhin made sure in another words, you still exist today. Upon mission completion, Putin
was the one who encouraged you into resistance with idea to delete you from the face of the earth upon entry to Russia. To all of you who pledged allegiance to Russia where dictator Putin compelled you into jail stay to fulfill his financial imperialist objectives which, however, also do not tolerate a return of those who are on a Russian military pay-scale.
Jobless in world of problems sidelined often with lack of education, jailed, and hired to die BUT NOT THE FIRST ON VLADIMIR PUTIN'S TURBO ECONOMY

Those of you who will return after Prigozhin gave you a second chance, will parish rightfully for Putin - not Russia which never ever was on a level as low as is today 

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