Friday, August 11, 2023

MK ULTRA - Slovenian floods POLICE report August 10th 2023

 Mr. Rajko told me under MK Ultra will after few days of stay at Rose garden move most likely back to his sister - they went on to show them and myself prior to floods also local emergency shelter in the area. His house according to his words what I failed to mention but what he ONLY partially mentioned and what prince Harry negotiated as per could be seen as when I would report on one, have crushed down within three minutes of his arrival to a safe location.

He told me to add extra minutes for the trip for whatever it would take for him to getto a safe location - that, however, is impossible for me to tell as it ranged anywhere from 6 minutes, to 8 minutes and what most likely was 15 minutes - all together 20 minutes before house collapsed. Politicians meddled their noses in it and modified timing. 15 to 20 minutes on foot is what most likely was.

Ursula Von Der Layen already rehearsed with Golob and others at the Slovenian

national assembly and at presidential office where holding me hostage during MK Ultra beginning 2013 when thrown into psychiatric institution known as Ljubljana Poje - far before Golob stepped on political stage. IF YOU DIDN'T ACCEPT EURO BRITISH DEAL FOR KUČAN AGENDA SAKE, YOU DO STAY AFTER FLOODED HOUSE WHICH YOU HAVE TO CLEAN AND DRY YOURSELF WITHOUT ANY FOUNDS. Ljubno is located on the other side of the Slovenia from location I am at. Mr. Rajko visited our house in Novo mesto.

Rajko's eldest daughter about whom I was crazy about married before 2000 - they had private business at home. Younger one who stayed at home probably got married in 2005. Its possible he has more than two daughters(was suggested), but I am unsure about it. Third one appeared on picture who supposedly lives further away in Šempeter v Savinjski Dolini(if truth, then she is the oldest one), but am unsure and will not give go. Two daughters 100%. Slovenian government(Golo) delivered me to every Red Cross facility in area of which at the beginning Rdeči križ Slovenije - Območno združenje Žalec played crucial role in case of floods in Ljubno. Then few years latter, Upravni center Mozije replaced one - year was 2000, 2001, 2002(everything appeared as new).
@Rajko - I build you a new house. You deserve 10 new houses not one.


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