Friday, August 11, 2023

To systematically make my father blind, it took them almost 10 years 

Eye drops that are inserted in his eyes during last three years are extremely painful and harmful. He received injections prior to hospitalization for what they claimed was his vision sake. Its a harrowing really and a heavy one. There was a physician involved in MK Ultra from Ljubljana and who examined father, and who stated how his eye problem could be solved without those painful drops. Will see how it all turns out. British who ran this criminal BRITISH EYE DROPS project alongside and on behalf of the Milan Kučan(Fajon, Robert Golob, Gregor Golobič etc.) have done a truly sloppy job and have exposed their REAL mindset through this blog. to entire world.

My father didn't give shit about what they were doing to me behind doors do - one participated in a cancer play and heavily advocated one contrary to myself in respect to his problems.

He went on as elderly to plant and sale trees like a lunatic did gardening, fished night and day, hunted every evening, spent loads of money on fishing equipment/hunting and and other stupidity, and did stupid stupid stuff at home blasting TV to ridicule me during job search and pleas sent to courts - but there is one thing he couldn't dare to think about - to help solving problem which obviously was taking greater and greater toll on him alone. What was done to me and what observed with his own eyes, he envisioned as if was done to him - and for my not displaying any fear/concerns in respect to what was done to me, he instead used to fulfill inside of the household ambient for nothing to miss...his anger bursts and panic were signs of both - deliberate play and paranoia. 

Problems are solved accordingly with priorities or not at all. My priorities never were his, but also and why more and more(he enforced his priorities since childhood with use of violence and it went on like this till I left home at age 23 - its why I left...fulfillment of his priorities in my life were a question of life and death a bare survival till as grown up I had enough of his game) vice-versa.

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