Tuesday, August 8, 2023

One of the investigators was Belgian - these people had a single task on their mind, task assigned by British to kill every reason in me for staying alive

 Next to cookies and coffee, I had nothing to live for, for a very very long time. My life had no meaning and if I had ability to get to the stick - a bar of some kind, I would have made sure for these killers who visited to pass on to their owners a real message from me. But I had none. British royals were the cruelest people I actually came face to face with and not only to have heard/red or know for. German SS/Gestapo were a schoolboys when compared to British treachery designed to suck out of me every reason to keep alive https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2023/08/police-arrived-to-village-krka-in-year.html its not difficult to "explain" drugged up individual in totally helpless situation about what your views on one are, but try this when person is awake. They did stuff like this to protect(to have ability to lie through controlled world even about most evident to human eye) their world of lies.

They made interviews while holding me hostage - drugged up and one doesn't have ability other than to agree everything stated. If you drop dead in between(when they interrogate and well - 2023 as it is now), it was all done in your(mine in this case) best interest and its what finally maters to British royals. To justify whatever lie. Thats how they did it.

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