Sunday, August 27, 2023


They claim you murdered about half a million Russians in Ukraine of which over 300.000

were Russian soldiers. Not bad for what you refer to as a "special military operation". Your attitude is what got you(old attitude with Russians as a USSR majority which decided about absolutely everything in eastern part of the world during USSR - entire Warsaw pact) and today with nothing more than 140 million people in what is known as Russian federation. Attitude about superiority over others stayed with ignored fact such as USSR power long long gone. It must be terrible when you are not even a shadow of Soviet yourself with 10 countries militarily stronger than what Russia is today UKRAINE WAS A BIG BIG MISTAKE AND THE LAST ONE RUSSIA MADE.

Population of Warsaw Pact countries
The population of the Warsaw Pact countries in 1970 was 345.9 million

What was the population of the Soviet Union?
The census found the total population to be 286,730,819 inhabitants. In 1989, the Soviet Union ranked as the third most populous in the world, above the United States (with 248,709,873 inhabitants according to the 1990 census), although it was well below China and India.
 IndiaAsiaSouthern Asia1,417,173,1731,428,627,663+0.81%
 China[a]AsiaEastern Asia1,425,887,3371,425,671,352−0.02%
 United States[b]AmericasNorthern America338,289,857339,996,564+0.50%
 IndonesiaAsiaSoutheastern Asia275,501,339277,534,123+0.74%
 PakistanAsiaSouthern Asia235,824,863240,485,658+1.98%
 NigeriaAfricaWestern Africa218,541,212223,804,632+2.41%
 BrazilAmericasSouthern America215,313,498216,422,446+0.52%
 BangladeshAsiaSouthern Asia171,186,373172,954,319+1.03%
 RussiaEuropeEastern Europe144,713,314144,444,359−0.19%
 MexicoAmericasCentral America127,504,126128,455,567+0.75%
 EthiopiaAfricaEastern Africa123,379,925126,527,060+2.55%
 JapanAsiaEastern Asia123,951,692123,294,513−0.53%
 PhilippinesAsiaSoutheastern Asia115,559,009117,337,368+1.54%
 EgyptAfricaNorthern Africa110,990,103112,716,599+1.56%
 DR CongoAfricaCentral Africa99,010,212102,262,809+3.29%
 VietnamAsiaSoutheastern Asia98,186,85698,858,950+0.68%
 IranAsiaSouthern Asia88,550,57089,172,767+0.70%
 TurkeyAsiaWestern Asia85,341,24185,816,199+0.56%
 GermanyEuropeWestern Europe83,369,84383,294,633−0.09%
 ThailandAsiaSoutheastern Asia71,697,03071,801,279+0.15%
 United KingdomEuropeNorthern Europe67,508,93667,736,802+0.34%
 Tanzania[c]AfricaEastern Africa65,497,74867,438,106+2.96%
 France[d]EuropeWestern Europe64,626,62864,756,584+0.20%
 South AfricaAfricaSouthern Africa59,893,88660,414,495+0.87%
 ItalyEuropeSouthern Europe59,037,47458,870,763−0.28%

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