Friday, August 18, 2023

Beginning my age 11, father no longer could physically abuse me during MK Ultra due to my size and have requested for assistance

 First one who rushed one to rescue was 15 years older Branimir(Brane) Golob - my sister's partner whose daughter is my niece Urska Golob Veber. Brane obtained further support for violence against me from his brother Matjaž Golob. Violence which was unprecedented at home since my early childhood this way continued at Krka village with soon also neighbors and village people joining one. What degree of violence on day to day bases took for me to stand up drugged up to father in the face is impossible to explain, but I will video record what it looked like. My mother apologized for one on many occasions during MK Ultra, but one was initiator of one who stated me for my life being worth to her as much as ant and/or random insect that needed to be destroyed on the garden. Neighbors Bergers insisted I shouldn't continue to study upon completion of grammar school and even more so upon completion of high school as amounted of violence that amounted in my head wouldn't allow me to even understand litterateur. Mitja Veber was the one within the fam- he married my niece Urska Golob Veber.

This family of mine including and specially my sister Biserka Avsec Golob who with niece went on to press through father criminal charges against me in 2013 based on which I was thrown into psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje, was a regular thuggery and was not any good. Choir of assassins sponsored by Slovenian state which didn't know how to apologize genocide against me which one commenced at my age 2. It was not one Josef Fritzl, but none that was not. Doctor Mitja Veber became sort of leader of violence(INSIDER) against me at the Krka village where highly accepted by locals who didn't know how to get rid of me.

It was not about physical abuse, but repeated for 40 years of violence into oblivion.

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