Sunday, August 27, 2023

Here is my Italian apprentice from Turin with already well over 600.000 youtube subscribers

He became involved in MK Ultra in 2002 when he still didn't know what to do with him. Once he got involved, entire Italy got know him from up-close - specially in supermarkets. Even Dimitrij Medvedev was curious(worried) about my new Italian connection which he begun to ridicule claiming me how he made all necessary deals in respect to Italians involved, but disregarded one with big smile over his face. Then in 2015 my already famous Turin friend attempted to escape gates of hell(what local supermarkets became), but didn't know how(I offered one exchange, but he refused) and begun to grow alien incubator with hope to find new life even if only in garage...
Maybe a under water bubble came handy heh(everybody needs break sometimes). Anyways, we wish our Turin friend and his sexy wife Lucia all the best and soon return to

Krka where he also was working on some projects - he wanted to complete some water project in the back of our house. GILLIAN ANDERSON AND DAVID DUCHOVNY WERE BOTH INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA - EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD, BUT I LOVE TO UNCOVER A YOUNG TALENTS LIKE MY FRIEND FROM TORINO :)))) He loves the coats and they always had a private parcel along the Adriatic coast wherever that is where also everyone was involved(neighbors)...he has next to HIGH SCHOOL degree in 2005/2006 also earned university degree in 2010 - a connections with Italian universities are the one which help him realize demanding projects.

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