Thursday, June 1, 2023

Watch which arrived month ago had twice time changed - including tonight when leaving one for just few minutes absent on ground floor

Seen here is what I was told issue is. I was brainwashed on how tunnels under the house exist even connected to houses in next door, but am uncertain about it. This is not the only watch that have undergone stated - it have happened time and again to all other watches with many items destroyed practically before my eyes. 

I was brainwashed to open as seen myself, but haven't seen any suction cups or keys(special screw key one would need to do so by unscrewing screws from top and then screwing key which would allow one I suspect to lift cover) which would allow me to do so - they bullied me to just use anything stick into already damaged side portions of covers which many involved in MK Ultra did, but I know better....a garage and bathroom on lower floor.

I am absolutely not saying that it is what it is, but stated above are facts. I am not saying that these are used as tunnels specially due to fact that it was repeated to me on numerous occasions how seen here is connected to Berger and Kolenc families across the road - this most likely is NOT the case as risk for two would be far too great and amount of brainwash used to obtain such statement from me by neighbours and police was a bit over the is, however, worth mentioning. It was morning hours and mother was nowhere near. As was digital watch that had time changed, I wouldn't exist possibility of watch having modified - watch was previously used by one of the police investigators for at least year or two

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