Friday, June 4, 2021

DEUTSCHLAND UBER ALLES: Psychiatrist Peter Kapš, I estimate, gave impression to live inside the parents' house for years

 2000, 2001, 2002 and fight that went into physical confrontation with one one in 2003 after I demanded one into his face repeatedly to get lost and promised him a real beating in the future. Criminal fed(compelled me to eat and POISONED ME ALREADY FROM THIS ASPECT) me chocolates and fried onions/fries which was so saturated with fat that Americans begun to protest in 2003 upon my return after just week/two the most as I gained 5kg(11 pounds) to have him removed from MK Ultra. He poisoned and not only physically/mentally tormented.

After identified thoroughly as Serbian chetnik and condemned for his criminal behavior by other Slovenian psychiatrists, Psychiatrist Peter Kapš proceeded to involve in case Angela Merkel whom I have sent to hell before her associates ion Germany sometimes in 2005-2006 observing that she commenced to cover-up/harbor Serbian chetnik movement in there...her betrayal mounted atop of one another into Mc Mount Everest x 1000. 

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš ongoing begun to travel with his wife(he wouldn't take one to Serbia ever, but did to Germany - she found out for his Serbian sexual escapades) to Germany sometimes since 2005. Solicit business(at times had to do something with his children) for personal interests(he claimed for other companies as well) and to support Serbian interests against us Slovenians in there. Angela Merkel knew all about poisoning and was supporter of one stating me I cite, "they all became fat upon return from Poland hahaha...we will see how you will do with cancer...if you don't go undergo surgery immediately upon return you dead"(gave me also few water mixed with lemon alike juice tips, but that cancer would prevail anyways)....

Milan Kučan inserted me clause about medical practitioners in all his previous promises if I wouldn't comply with chetnik interests in Slovenia I cite, "now I know how if I will not have medical procedures in the future done in Slovenia, they will arrange same for me abroad ahaha"

Also hope to have explained as laughed by Germans at, where those excessive kg of mine came was far more than physical and mental torture.

As far as psychiatrist Peter Kapš, he was telling visitors in our home on how he is me/I...disbelieved and insane as he created situation, people no longer would visit...


Situation in Slovenia became so insane beyond insane - Smith no longer would want to visit here...he knew about whatever went on, left me very very reduced window of ability to survive/prove case - things were going from worse to the the local fishing and near bye associations, they appointed Serbian chetniks as führers literately WHO WOULD ALSO DRIVE ME TO SERBIA ALSO FOR PHYSICAL BEATINGS(Novo mesto and Brezice cities) - sent after me people to punish me for being just next to water while on fishing trip with father in 2011/2012 when accused of fishing by a local game warden without him having any proof - prison was about to take place due to financial fine he issued against wasn't about judges and psychiatrists who ran case only - about being blacklisted on job market only...yeah, only.

 It will take a bit more reality for you to prove case against me as I don't care much for your jojos you set around me, main stream media as referred to me under MK Ultra as "allien"(reminded via stories about aliens - extraterrestrial life aliens on other planets life exists stories - scorn for 26 years of genocide/extermination), nor broken spine/poisoning I suffer from, or psychiatry you used to murder, and whomever you corrupted wherever...this case(myself) is a bit more than just about play cards set around me.


Deshalb...Aus diesem genauer gesagt Grunde Ich glaube(ich weiß das), du als Land hast mich gehasst. Ich habe mir geschworen zu rächen meine ehre für deinen Verrat.  YOU ARE UP TO NOT F*** GOOD.

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