Thursday, December 1, 2022

1-800-LONDON CABAL: Police alone insisted on how I should secure doors or die - here is what went on month and half earlier and the thing is these guys aren't playing around

The thing is they have no one to fear with special access to tall free number 1-800-LONDON-CABAL
They are extremely creative with my elderly mother who insisted with police on what will e done to me if I will not protect myself, but then again creating completely insane issues where no issues possibly could exist in million years....this is bullshit as they came up with 100 such scenarios and 1000 attack scenarios inside of the house. Mother was the one who pushed sand with brooms(promised me will via MK Ultra torture) into the holes for latches to not lock properly.... alone WHILST MONTH AND HALF AGO DOORS WERE JAMMED WITH SAND(two doors like this), TODAY I LEARNED MOTHER LEFT DOOR LOCK FROM ONE OF THE GARAGES WITHOUT KEY INSIDE BECAUSE OF PALLETS THAT SHE NEED TO TRANSPORT TO MIDDLE GARAGE WHERE FURNACE AND WHERE HOWEVER THERE IS NO PLACE TO EVEN WALK DUE TO PALLETS WITH WHICH ONE IS LOADED....EVERY TIME DIFFERENT LIE/TRICK AND FOR EACH JOKER(DIRECTED ENERGY ATTACK OR GASSING), I AM LEFT WITH SOUND RINGING IN MY HEAD 24/7 FOR SEVERAL DAYS....

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