Monday, December 12, 2022

MK ULTRA Norwegian psychologist Helle Bjorklund and her village involved in MK Ultra since 1995

This Norwegian village was the last one to give in violence as for Western hemisphere and it all happened due to Barack Obama, Eric Holder's visit to one in 2000 with some democrats demanding violence from one against me beginning in 1998....Helle Bjorklund's father was the sweetest man on earth who refused to have anything to do with politics(her mom not so much - was very politically correct), but whole thing was so twisted that I just no longer wanted to see the difference between whatever was left out there as good and between bad...

British band itself on behalf of British royals as well as Slovenian police, psychiatrist Kapš and others demanded from me to see myself in this video as dedicated to me.... used MK Ultra pants even for me to see myself in American flag - insulting my pro American views....I, however, will remain family oriented WORKER BUSINESSMAN pursuing my right to existence without excuses for one. People like Morten Bjorklund(brother of Helle) misunderstood me when they assumed based on my BEING NICE TO THEM INFRONT OF MY ENEMIES how I will eventually change - adjust myself...

@Morten - there is no adjust here my plan B exists when you have to exist. Took 28 years to prove what I stated and repeated you since 1995, but today whole world understands.

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