Sunday, December 25, 2022


 Police officer WHO MET ME at the police station(employed by your British royals for 28 to cause nothing other than devastation - destruction - vandalizing and physical injuries) few months ago was using with his team of police officers low end income shoes, clothing etc with idea to learn what damage/harm was possible to cause TO ME IN THE FUTURE.(mostly sold in Tedi - police didn't allow mother to pay for super low quality items used to waste my health during MK Ultra torture and they alone were compelled to test those to discover possible faulty product errors to either cause them or to take full advantage of those for the sake of future harm/damage/sabotage - it wasn't about compelling me to walk on snow/ice with those to cause me as much harm as possible only, but to cause in future as much as possible also psychological damage and time consumption with forced repairs). BRITISH STATE HAD ON HER PAY-LIST AT ALL THE TIME ABOUT 10 CRIMINALS WEARING SLOVENIAN POLICE BADGES. CONTROL OVER PSYCHIATRY LJUBLJANA POLJE BUT ALSO OF THE ONE IN MARIBOR WHERE ALSO I WAS BROUGHT BUT ONLY FOR TORTURE - PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTION IN MARIBOR WAS THE ONE BRITISH ROYALS COUNTED THE MOST WOULD SEAL MY FAITH DUE TO AS THEY ANTICIPATED MY FUTURE COMPLAIN ABOUT LJUBLJANA POLJE

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