Thursday, December 29, 2022

This tech guy was involved in MK Ultra case and appeared as very nice individual(in case this helps YOU somehow - it appears to me these dudes only provided alibi for LONDON patrons who involved them in case

Other than that its more waste of space on here - more of a crime against myself as was/is too many that were involved in this MK Ultra crime(had exactly ZERO assistance from all of them together while wasting precious time). Worse yet, its international network which LONDON CABAL set for itself through which LONDON exhorts their governments. Very very bad stuff, but I give it a go from this end because guy was really nice. In return for identifying guys like this, I GET EXACTLY ZERO RESPONSE FROM THEM while London in case one no longer can control crime is in capacity to use them as future reference - INEXCUSABLE excuse for crime.
The type of help these guys were !!???? Well, I cite London, "if you won't be nice(and nice came with physical torture which they got compensated for - violence clips), we have specified in contract that if so many and so many vote for your not being nice we will just say no blah blah"....I am refraining myself here from stating on what I do love to do with these privileged top class British criminals who further hired Slovenian police to trespass and vandalize private property.

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