Sunday, December 11, 2022

Next step would be to repair Windows Error 87 discovered by here seen guy - I as I stated, LONDON HIRED POLICE TO MURDER VIA CANCER UNDER HERE SEEN CIRCUMSTANCES(giving always nothing but friendliest warmest advice)

Stress for those not know is deadlier than consumption of sugar which one needs to compensate for sanity under given circumstances with...if I would continue to record in here crime committed against me, soon I would be dead....can be seen from videos and photos what was done to me already in the past on few know what next stop is !!???? GRAVEYARD AND THIS AFTER 28 YEARS OF TORTURE...NICE
I wish I had 100 lives....and they wished to have 100 livers each(God bless alcohol).
Laptop came PRELOADED with UNLIMITED amount of problems...fixing them under giving circumstances is committing suicide. Its what for the most part I was doing. This individual came in contact with British royals and became violent during MK Ultra on their behalf during torture which deprived me probably on two session of two weeks of sleep....they tortured to death. While everyone was nasty on Slovenian side, this one bagged and bagged to have right to point out solution to me...not difficult where all is coming from(THE ONE WHO CREATED PROBLEMS IS ALSO THE ONE WHO LAST OFFERS SOLUTIONS TO THOSE UNDER MK ULTRA - IT ALWAYS WAS LONDON). Slovenes cashed police badges and psychiatric licenses...1-800-LONDON CABAL(murder unlimited secure without fear via ECHR, INTERPOL, INTERN. POLICE ASSOCIATION, UNITED NATIONS, AM NASTY INT. ETC.).
British delivered me to Slovenia with sole goal and that was to assist those who were out there to murder me since by birth(torture, cancer, and what you see above) - Milan Kučan and his Serbian friends...1-800 LONDON CABAL

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