Monday, August 26, 2019

Zgierzan police uses Russians from Ukraine to engage in domestic violence

Mentioned police officer(his son is in Norway) have build case with Ukrainian citizen which ran from Ukraine 5+ years ago. He(I understand - both were involved in MKultra) even obtained some papers with Polish authorities about being persecuted in Ukraine(not difficult to do as all depends from region and people involved).

Is desplaying angry shizophrenic behavior in hostel which expanded today in his pushing my head with his(got in my face as have used his forehead to push mine on several occasions since insults nd threats didnt work).

There are at least three  other Russians from Ukraine at this place with him and manager itself serves their purpises to best of her abilities(she even gestured under MKultra in case I would turn against Russians things wont work out for me).

When you pass beyond verbal violence, I no longer can guarantee your well being as far as resteaining myself from use of force. Was adviced to keep distance or otherwise.

Considering fact that ZGIERZAN POLICE used these very same individuals for MKultra purposes, it is safe to conclude they allow themselves quite a lot.

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