Tuesday, August 27, 2019

MKultra now mixed with real physical violence of some involved in one, denial of the right to register, no right to mail is a bit too much even for me


I do not endorse Poroshenko or Israel in any way with this video. "When if not now" (very self insecure and dirty - outright shizoidic controlling environment via caughing, load of females challanging even in totally unaceptable circumstances with all sorts of sexual issues - many from MKultra scenarios, baggers and so on) is also postponed to when done posting all audio recordings online if ever at all.

Burglarisement turned red button on in me as I do not wish to re experience Belarus 2017 yet again when brought for more torture to Poland from country which tortured in Poland and elsewhere via single female. Creepy light in room deliberately so you can get real feel about Russo Polish shizo state.


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