Saturday, August 17, 2019

When first brought to Zgierz from US, old Zgierzans wanted to lynch me without knowing anything about me

Two fascistoids brought me here in 2002(was here with Trump once only in1998) with their state staff members and all I heard was growling/yelling, "they want to kill him". Where is he...who is he what have he done etc...

Zgierz/Lodz were massacred by Germans(horror is what it was and elderlky couldnt get WW2 autrocities out of their minds) so I understand reaction. As much as this older Zgierzans searched for terrible neonazi(I was way younger than their SS counterparts from wehrmacht), they couldnt find one...and the more they searched the less neonazi was left till smiles replaced angered faces. I became a local sensation which attracted curiosity of numerous people from abroad and domestically.

Unfortunatrelly real anger become to build inside of me as US government supported by other governments begun to realize long time threats on how I will be destroyed(have even audio recorded in 2009 death threats if not leaving US) Unemployment became more and more frequent and for it all it was only one side to blame - the one which neonazi Putan Putanowich wanted to " protect" via war in either Ukraine or in Baltic states. 

The best about Zgierz in fact are older people. Its what places smile on my face(brightens my day when I see it). I like these older folks that tell you straight in face whatever is on their minds and they do set strong example for younger generations who think know everything about everything(sometimes we think we know better because we are younger, but bye observing these older folks you get to answer yoursekf lots of questions) They are reminder of who we are and as such much more than just old people.

There is nothing; however, innocent about above mentioned fascism/ nazism. As much as story about me was twisted DELIBERATELY in a net of lies by those who brought me here, everyone can see what Kaczynsky and his KKK patron mentor from US are up too. Deliberately I suspect.

Deliberately so you who have seen me under MKultra would see something human also in these two - in nazism alone - dont be fooled is all I can say. Its just well calculated psychology.

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