Monday, August 19, 2019

Rather than being thrown out of EU, Poland should face severe financial fines for criminal conducts

I don't care about brainwash in Poland in respect to exclusion of EU member state for violating laws/treaties which I was forced to go over when I thought I have the right to apply for protection in one from Slovenia/Serbia/Russia...if Poland beleives cores of EU that apply to normal logic can be defied in a face of the people domestically and abroad of EU, one should also pay fincially for it. If inconvinient for Poland, one should seek membership in another union whatever and wherever that may be(out of EU and in union where stuff like this is legal).

@EU...if you take North Korea in EU, one will not cause you problems like this. Your core idea of expansion will also stay the same. Give one 10 billion Euros penalty and lets see if prefrences for derision of basic human needs of EU citizens change.

Explotation of people from eastern Europe in Poland will continue(instead of Ukrainians, Putin's oposition will be decimated) as well as from what became evident already 15+ years ago.

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