Monday, August 19, 2019

Poland is siturated with Russians from Ukraine

From Ukraine yes, but nit Ukrainian. They pose in hostels and at work as Ukrainians misbehaving, but Ukrainians alone are affraid of them.

Their job is disinfo(spread lies)  dissemination about individual(also propaganda) within Ukrainian society in Poland.

When with Americans in Zgierz, they had hard issues knowing who is what - at least they acted that way. Alchohol and staring down in floor when offering handshakes which they dont confirm with firm hanshake, but rather loosy one(open palms too)....then laughter. Repeated to me with every "Ukrainian" in hostel since day A in Zgierz. Its well organized bullying rather than help on which Americans and Polish police insisted would be(here is whom they entrusted me under MKultra) Done in a such a way that if one wouldnt know who is would turn against Ukraine on a heartbit.

Valerio(Belarus KGB hosted again in Grotnikih) stated about them in 2015 loughingly I cite, "good luck with them.. we are not worried about them even a bit" - he knew very well what he was talking about. REAL Ukrainians complained to me in 2010 or so they were interogated by Russian FSB already on Ukrainian trains/busses when returning back to Ukraine.

Yes yes from Ukraine, but not Ukrainian.

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