Saturday, August 17, 2019

As far as myself being German

Have nothing to do with one. Was seen as one by Slovenian Serbian shizo state since early childhood because of portion of family which lived in Austria - was also beated up by gangs of kiuds because of this often times as instructed by class teachers alone.

Shizofrenia is a rampant problem accross the Eastern Europe and problems are best hidden by those which suffer from them by pointing fingers in opposite direction from truth. Poland/ Belarus/ Russia/ Ukraine suffer from almost epidemic proportions of shizofrenia due to what they claim was WW2 struggle. Entire shizo villages exist in Belarus where I was brought under MKultra in 2000/2003 - I was told by Borut Pahor alone will be falsely marked by one so I could relate psychologicaly in the future to people who trully suffer from one as I would become prominent figure...

Germany did nothing good for me. Germany; however, created a lots lots of problems for me. While gesturing Polish women and CHRIS FROM COLORADO(Trump' s son out of wedlock was offered refuge in Germany in case one would need one in future - this is how much Germans were discusted with Trump's treatment of me) that one would take care of them if needed(Germans even stopped Ruskies from raping/killing few Polish women), but have never ever done a single thing for my sake - a fact.

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