Thursday, August 8, 2019

When brought to Poland between 2002 to 2017(was brought to Zakpane/Nowy Torg since1998) for MKultra torture, they didnt keep me in Grotnikih

we were there for sleep only, other than that we spent time on streets(stores, hostels, lodging even in local foreststs), and enormously lots of time in company where I presently work.

They designed everything in this company.A solution. From you must impregnate me(will be my husband) by Gruzian lady(then replaced by few other female bullies), terror transport from one to Belarus and Ukraine, to all other forms of abuse you possibly can imagine. They fasmiliarized with factory operatiobs and Americans even guessed if I should talk about it(its called indirect talk infront if victim so one would brought what most likely sounds in this case incredible claim - not affraid to bring one) on what one of them went off with, "suurrreee"...the counter logic was, " if you will talk about this abd that twpo jobs likevthis you are out etc."

The point here is that Poland is pulling last controlled via MKultra tricks along with polutical game from Washington(they match international developement abd speculate insomethibg most discusting woirld have ever wittnesed too). If will be kike thus, we will tyrn this way and if likje that we will tyrn thgat way...whichever way wind blows and profit from within. Poland traded with human beibgs in thge past...they sold Ukrainiabs abd others into slavery...they traded with people. Its not new to this part of the world.

This us uncivilised country in my eyes that doesnt fit into Europe. Question who will finalky and when uf ever hold thus shithall accountablke for here described. Yiu still know nothing aboyt what webt on in Poland.

Thic company used to work arround people involved inMKultra which will never ever come forward with any truth in respect to case, but were designed for totally other issues.

Poland destroyed along the way even several Polish peopke for what I was blamed foir and havevdemanded from me to accept responsibility for state created crime...insisted even thgat if I dont accept it as my fold and compensate victims that my case will not succeed and so have no idea what tgey created here. Gotta getvread of thius diabolus tablet garbage and buy mysekf laptop so I can work like normal human being. Cant even type properly on garbage...


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