Thursday, August 1, 2019

After two months of heavy labor work its time to move to local forest where rent is cheaper(not free, but cheaper yes)

After stolen license and everything destroyed(incl. glasses), I moved to a local forest which will allow me to hopefully afford myself at least somewhat usable glasses and a registration which is according to Polish government a must in Poland and free.

Glasses frames I bought in China(glasses will buy in Poland if I will be capable to afford them) and for regiusteation I will pay on black market probably 300Zloty - then I will have to pay for driving license transfer another 100+ Zloty and so on...all together some 700 Zloty :)))

Poluce officers which promissed help and some other peopke whise names U will not mention to spare tgem of shame gestured how they no longer will be capable to help me because my status woulkd become homelkess.

Must say I would be complete idiot if beleiving to controlled by Dinakd Trump puppets even fir a singke second...yiu do s## like tgis to person to tell him he no longer have to count on you - I would be an animal if I beleived yiu for a second - waiting in shadow to see if claim would succeed via human rights and then use opportunity.

Monbthlyvrent cists here 550Zloty in a hostel - a single room arround wierdos involved in MKultra which know nithing about it, but beleive I owe them.

Best regards from beautiful Godly Poland


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