Sunday, August 11, 2019

Single 17 years old("IF" on the first place) is not OLDS

While wrong "IF", Donald Trump regularly engaged with his partner Epstein in beyond insane sessions. Forget about 17 years olds; look closer at incest picture to understand real genious behind Epstein. The only difference between the two - Trump avoided main scandal on time.

As far as prince Andrew, only single " IF" remains on table if ever...very supportive toward his children, Andrew produced two great looking daughters with his beautiful wife. While allways not perfect marriage, Andrew shouldnt be subject to Trump's exhtortion team just because one bumped into wrong circle. Trump is VISIBLY LOOSING GRIP on upper class of selected - barely is there any individual left on his side, he could count on. Trump saga of hatred(sadohatred) coming to an end fast(brutal end for the one who used brutality to deal with others - the one who uses sword on others meets same faith sooner than not).

How old you think !!????

I predict BRUTAL END for "Grab Thembythepussy" rapist paedo neonazi hater. It did happened before. Will be remembered as the biggest national disgrace ever Coward who teamed up with Russian KGB thug to hunt down single human soul from same little Slovenian town his KGB wife was from and failed miserably after ruining one 25 years of life. WITH SMILE ON FACE TRUMP...WITH SMILE ON FACE AND YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT MEANS ;)


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