Sunday, August 18, 2019

Rooms are cheaper in Germany too

Not only cars, but rooms are cheaper as well. Easily you can find room/studio in Germany where minimum pay is 40 Zloty an hour(9+ Euros per hour min 1557 Euros per mnth) for 150/250 Euros per month. Not bad when compared to 11/13 Zloty an hour(job requires also 12 hour work from 6am to 1800 first and then from1800 to 0600 hours next day and then 2 days off and so on➡️no work regulations, but instead injury is enforced) and 150 Euros room along which some 50.000 or more cars passes bye each day...

In Poland you get to spend instead for that money time in room with several(even up to 10/15 persons is stashed in a single shizoid room) shizos from God knows where which have a habit to cause damage if nit stealing. Work for state issued ids if you are allowed to register - ids stolen by police just as glass frames by postal services etc., destroyed socks/shoes/telephones, glasses/ stolen bikes or car parts...

Was told by police whuch organized all this crime on how I will be finished when/if publishing as seen here...brainwashed to see royalty through loyalty to Poland in myself(so abuse could be more effective).

Is this goodbye !!??? Not goodbye yet, but hopefuly a wakeup call for those of you who sleep - know all about it and do nothing.

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