Saturday, August 31, 2019

TOP MKULTRA LIES RELATED TO PSYCHOLOGIST: How far did sci fi b.s. go in respect to psychologist girl

According to MKultra would only be with me if I would manage to subdue Russians - well, till she would hurt me.

Would get with me in bed just to become my blog/video editor.

Told by bunch of Femi Polish women(yeah right😂😂) whom she commanded that I am p*** of s*** whom will marry on what I will be systematically destroyed. In fact that she will replace me once I succeed because they want someone to represent them on global stage that looks and feels Polish(ended with me being s***😂😂 good for nothing who has to serve her purpose).

Forced into impossible circumstances sorrounded by sexy females and fired by her for a single look of those only if "if" would appear anywhere(😂😂sure did Polish babes spread their legs wide everywhere in public for last 3 weeks - there were sites at postal office as well as elsewhere that would turn even heads arround/forget eyes😂😂😂).
Will be usefull to her till age 55 when replaced by younger one - they used Hassan from Grotniki to example me with age difference and so on...thst she has all her life calculated in advance to year after year etc. etc.

Will end like Peter Max thanks to her half Russian daughter(they made me work for PWG actually and help auctioneers sell his works in reality - have met Peter Max and his daughter in person).

Moscow her favorite city - be ready for run with her accross the border.

She is Putin's last resource(instrument) and will SAVE him from me😂😂😂

She will make me hunt Poles and Ukrainians which resisted and assisted me...

Was depicted to me as Maria which will save Poland from me who endured more than Jesus. Play started in Grotnikih by KGB boy roomate Juri who have stollen Maria from my necklace and then from window once returned to me(practically admitted) - pendant without Maria then stollen from one wallet at work and placed in small wallet with change indic. according to MKultra I sold her...and so on.

I was forced to attend my own funeral😂😂 where either Elon Musk or his emitator(Russians emitated one at LARGE in latent stages) gestured me with another female on how its what is next for me in the future if I will associate myself with fact that he will not mind to give her whatever she wants since am such an idiot and she is multiculturalist/feminist etc.

Ohhh, you have no idea what word "idiots" stands for. More MKultra approach toward end, more sickening b.s. in respect to her was loaded into one. Police(allways on her side and even so) had their females replacement ready and so on and so on...

And so$#@ on and so😁😂😂😂😂😂😂 MKULTRA...INSTRUMENT USED TO MIDIFY INDIVIDUAL'S THOUGHT PROCESS(VIEW ON REALITY) AND INSTEAD TURN ONE INSTEAD INTO IMPULSIVE ACTS BEHAVIOR BASED ON LIES. Told that it can be so effective that one can drive person completelly insane based on false logic. 

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