Sunday, August 4, 2019

Ku Klux Klan boss Donald Trump claims Polish people like him

I can tell you Americans brought to Poland by Donald Trump spoiled Poland, but question is for what reasons. Warszaw's uprising was all about ethics and when I remind myself of what country is pushing forward today and the case of my own, can't help but wonder.

REALITY SHOW IN THE BACKGROUND OF WHAT YOU SEE AS REALITY SHOW ON THE TV(the difference is that in one people trully die - talking about totally innocent people) IS REAL. YOUNG PEOPLE AND NOT EVEN SO YOUNG ARE ON QUEST FOR CAREERS(seek to prove themselves and try out what otherwise is considered as ilkegal./criminal) VIA PRIVATE FROM LAWS OPTIONS. My question for Polish state; however, is basically how can one support individual equivalent in evill to Hitler(one used military to kill and the other one money) and its victim at the same time. In fact even expect from victim who(myself - I who write this) was subjected to torture severe enough to ask for protection in an enemy country(did in 2017 - Belarus) to embrace him(what about your Warszaw uprising - what role did USSR played in one)....KK boss and Warsaw's uprising are sure interesting topics - perhaps world can embrace Hitler and diversity at the same time...a joke or a serious proposition !!???

And if you believe that suffering can bring you luck(torturing me under MKultra) why talk about Warsaw's uprising !!???

OK then...perhaps its just me, but I see a lots if double sandards in this whole thing. Dont see myself even as a human being as a result of those(forget about ethnicity/etc.).


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