Sunday, August 11, 2019

Fascistoids from Warszaw come clean about their suicidal intentions

will see if nation will continued to follow their steps. POLAND UNDER MKULTRA REFERRED TO ME AS RACIST/NEONAZI - DEMANDED FROM ME TO IMPREGNATE NON WHITE WOMEN, HAVE THREATENED ME WHEN REPEATEDKY VROUGHT TO POLAND BETWEEN 1998 TO 2015 WITH ABDUCTIONS TO RUSSIAN REPUBLICS OF CHECHNYA, KAZAKHSTAN, ISRAEL, IRAN, IRAQ, SYRIA, EGYPT...have had police officers pointing guns at me in abandoned buildings, have had Zgierz police engage in harassment/physical beating at Zgierz police headquarters and inside of the old courthouse(applies all to Zgierz), have had group of 14/15 years olds beat me up physically(kicking me in stomach - 2015 MKultra) incity known as Biala Podlaska(they greeted me in 2017 when I was on my way to Belarus to file political asylum...and much more if you can imagine more MKultra
nightmare on what they repeated MKultra violence in real time during 2018/2019 when filking for protection here as you know...I see now that hatred/racism are real problems in Poland. I am just glad hatred which they instilled in me is gone(they thought that by using same individuaks and engaging in total violence will give them anticipated andcrepeated from past results) - left to those who created one in me during past - even worse those which ruined lives of even Poles and few Americans with idea to make my case somewhat understandable to broader public

If this nation can reject seen here and accept their wrongdoings as wrong, I am interested in becoming part of one and if not to the hell with it. I am clean and honorable individual who will not become part of something like this to cover truth and promote abuse againbst innicent even further.

Duda/Morawiecki both Kaczynski's students visibly continue to sygnal to world that NAZISM exists and itsnwhat is anticipated by real fascists in Moscow such as Putin eager for more teritoirial dusputes/killings. I EXPECT POLISH NATION TO CONFIRM THEIR IDENTITY(stand up against tyranny) AS A NATION ONE CLAIMS TO BE.


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