Saturday, August 31, 2019

Lodzka 58 - can call one instead small Russia

Epic failiures listed one after another incl. today. Upper floor as well as lower one about 80% Russians from Ukraine. Single story building adjacent to one I think is of real Ukrainians which fear Ruskies(cant blame them for in Poland hey😁😁😁).

Manager(Polish) 100% on Russian(lets just say Putin's side as is shame about what goes on) side. They are connected to someone "special" in vicinity.
Load of videos are on the way with proofs for stated here.

How am I doing in meanwhile...very very good. As good as new - not wasted as they insisted case would be.
Today on August 31st, 2019 - manager commences for the first time arguments with them due to higiene(it was living with porks, alchohol, and threats with attempted intimidation - even physical violence was involved). IT WAS SAME IN GROTNIKIH WHERE OWNER EMPLIYED SAME TACTICS FOR 9 MONTHS AND CHANGED FEW DAYS BEFORE I LEFT TO COVER UP AFILIATION WITH THEM.

At this location, two black shirts were stolen(told by police it will be the case to protect me from wearing them at work since people were punisged fir it in the past - reality only 2 were given for 44 hour work week with attempted setups offering used in wordrobe on side), two normal size food containers(stolen two days after purchase of new set at Pepco and am left with 4 small useless ones), cord cut to cause hand bruise, document burglaries etc. smashing on lower floor whatever to point tham room was shaking at 02\04am, and so on :))) well...

@ sm1 spec.... do give anything in this world for you to see yourself as a human being first and then the rest.;)

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