Saturday, August 17, 2019

As far as buying car in Poland as was anticipated

You first have to pay 130 Euros to junkjard when impoirting one from Germany due to garbage which country pilled up over decade and half. But its well worth

Cars offered on Polush market are worth(same cost) about three times less than those one would import from abroad. If paying 1000 Euros in Germany for car, one will cost you 3000 Euros in Poland. Polanbd invested wastre ammount oif efforts to get mne purchase junker here - it involved employment and other issyes which I will explain in video.

Sadistic idea(age 47) was to get me break spine(call it a work) for destroyed glasses, stolen documents, stolen bikes, destroyed sicks etc., destroyed telephones, and then even for a car parts...its called patriotism.

#1 issue as brainwashed under MKultra why I HAD TO BUY CAR was to imoress people interested in helping me out. I cite, "by then you MUST ALREADY SHOW SOMETHING so people see themselves in you".

#2 YOU MUST BUY VAN IN POLAND TO SAVE MONEY FOR YOUR HOME. Manager at present place where I work(funny because she lied about pay date the other day which as a result trully stopped me from what most likely would be purchase of vehicle) even insisted inend of MKultra that I didnt mnade it inPoland becayse I made lots of mistakes like not getting along with people and purchasing van...

Intentions of Polish state against me during and after MKultra are crystal clear. It is obvious what this was all about.

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