Tuesday, August 14, 2018

What Kaczynski created out of Poland - Part 2

I cite Sarah Netanyahu, "because you disliked our people, I have also asked them to use directed energy attacks on you so you can relate to us more closely"...

I cite Netanyahu's niece, "because you disliked our people, I agreed with them to use directed energy attacks on you"...

Very "nice" people - there isn't much more that could/should be said about it all other than I never ever wanted to have anything to do with them on the first place and its also something that never ever will change...I see them as filth of the filth in this world...they hate my brother Jesus Christus.

I was in Polish church today, but couldn't possibly last in there even few minutes because just a thought on Kaczynski made me extremely uncomfortable to be in there...I don't think I can possibly identify myself with someone so corrupt/so criminal...one thing is to be slave, but something totally different is to deprive someone of 23 years of life that includes even sanity issues.

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