Friday, August 31, 2018

Russian KGB roomate is leaving to London to be taxi driver and I should(according to him) just

return to Vitebsk, Belarus...because as 47 years old male I have no kids and family and am scattering all over the Europe alone according to him...

He also asked me to burn my American passport in-front of him and so prove him how I hate America which I do not...when told that I do not hate America, but instead Trump he begun to gesture me on how hating Trump is hating America...

It doesn't matter who ruined(RUSSIA DID FOR THE SAKE OF SERBIA TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR) my life...I should just burn my passport and go to Russia/Belarus where I would spent rest of my life drinking vodka like half in third world's poverty just as most of them do...f*** prosperity...what is life anyways.

I wouldn't expect that Polish government would allow Russian terrorists near me...but it did happen - again.

Good morning Putin ;)

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