Friday, August 31, 2018

Russia should have been part of NATO and EU already long long time ago, BUT

Country is totally uncivilized. 100 behind normatives of civilized world and as such a real threat to anything normal in this world. From oppressive tsarism to oppressive Stalininsm and then into the hands of drunk and then back in hands of psychopath(Putin) and so on...laws don't matter because human lives never ever mattered there...its enough they know elections were held...

Unstable, uncivilized, and foremost criminal(murderous even for other Slavic nations) type of partner Russia is...we can only dream how things would change for Russia one day, but fact is a proven record(history of Russia and Russian relations with its neighbors) and not what Macrons would like...

Invest in Poland and you invest in peace/prosperity for Poland and its neighbors(peace in Europe and in world) - will deliver even democracy to Russian people in Russia

Invest in Russia or Germany and you have WWIII...we have all seen it and know it...

Ps. Polish judicial reforms problem for EU, Russian Soviet, however, is that Macron !!????

As far as Macron(John McCain junior - the two even complimented each other on similarities of facial features)...this is totally unfit for office individual. Its well explained on this news site why/who and how(SOLUTIONS ARE POINTED OUT) and all he does is meddling into sanity of foremost European people. This is Gérard Depardieu's politic and not what the case should be...get job which will serve purpose Mr. Macron.

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