Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Various governments were involved in MKULTRA in Poland(2005/2006) and some Polish politicians have had beyond insane ideas

Irani government had own people at Debak. Iran used female model to evaluate reactions(facial profiling) in me at wish of this insane politicians(will give no names - she was borrowed also to Polish politicians, but that was not a sin because she did it for Iran)

I was further transferred to Iran where gestured how Iran will be my solution if European justice system fails(would have choice to marry with Iranian or even Polish Girl - Iran helped Polish people during WWII and strong  relationship developed as a result between two nations in post WWII era). The one who smelled what went on was Mossad who went on to suggest on how they will save me when abducted, but which also had thoughts on creating what would look like Muslim abduction, so I would adjust my views to their lies again.

Other option would  included Russia...will issue video on this subject.

Iran doesn't appeal to me in any way. I am white European Christian who will remain exactly as was written here till his last moment(I live to see faces of my people in a world on which I am proud - don't be insane please)

Don't judge me according to your DEGENERATED self. I am not you and you never ever will be I.

I have never ever heard for the case when someone would spent persecuted like I did his entire life(politicians costed me no less than 23 years) and on what one would prove even his sanity, he would ran for life out of his world...twisted SICKER THAN SICK POLITICAL HEADS here in Poland. Never ever try any of above scenarios with me again.

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