Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Scheltzel's Facebook system explained almost in details...you will also get three schletzels if you post about flying lizards, UFOs, and cows etc...they are important part of system seen bellow as one neutralizes(fractures) healthy human mind(clusters logical brain process with stupidities).

You will also get more schletzels if you talk about Kenye West, Kardashinas, Toolibar, Tesla(Elon Musk works hard to place food on your family Bushy would say), and various other divas/geniuses...its always great to know where they dine etc.....

From jpost.com:

WASHINGTON - Facebook Inc has started scoring its users based on their trustworthiness in an attempt to fight misinformation, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday, citing a company executive.

The social media giant developed the rating system over the past year, the newspaper reported, citing an interview with Facebook product manager Tessa Lyons, who is tasked with the company's efforts to identify malicious actors.

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