Sunday, August 26, 2018

The only person learning Polish language in this room

I am. Mossad and KGB are not interested in one. They prefer telephone calls.

The "25 years"(in reality at least 35) old roomate had huge auto repair(BMW/Mercedes etc.) shop previously.

I did made an mistake about "22 years" old one do...he was in camp when 16/17(in 2005), so his real age is about 29(at least).

There is notice downstairs on main billboard in respect to human trafficking(they have simulated me also abduction to Kaliningrad, Russia in 2005 via Kadirov's agents - transferred from there to Belarus where according to MKULTRA I would spent rest of my life in poverty and not wealth if I would continue to blast Putan Putanowich), but Putin/Medvedev's plan for this stage against me was realistically oriented toward assassination or hijacking on another location in Poland(when out of the camp). Putin's love for me in 2006 obtained completely different face...

Russian KGB insisted so far on my obtaining own place(they would make reservation for one and we would be even roommates - hey - if that ain't sweet offer then what is it - I bet, they would even give me a subvention as great people as they are) and were "good" enough to offer me on several occasion even employments on black market.

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