Monday, August 27, 2018

Polish plane crash in 2010 explained in details - here is what happened.

Dedicated to polish security authorities(state of Poland) and is related to 
We had fire alarm go off today earlier today(for the first time since am here) and upon my return from forest just now, ambulance vehicle was parked at the entrance along with police cars. Familiar face from MKULTRA in police uniform(he stood up right next to ambulance vehicle - meaning that above news is 100% correct as I see such incident as nothing else that confirmation) was giving me a threatening looks, but off course(according to official scenario) it was about someone being drunk only. 

My stay in Poland will therefore come to an end very soon now(Kaczyński threatened under MKULTRA so much if I would ever talk about his issues that I could go on for days - however, they did want news to come out at the same time - one day...not immediately, but one day...almost 9 years latter).

Video as seen above as well as my report on Kaczyński belongs to Polish people. I had no right to keep silent about what is seen in one. Polish state(security) authorities can confirm stated above as 100% fact.

Kaczyński also gestured on how he consented brother in respect to security issue and both agreed that state was responsible for their security. Lech Kaczyński and his wife Maria live in Russia ever since accident.

What will happen with me and where will I go next(if they will push forward with threats from MKULTRA which involved psychiatry and so on) I have no just happy/pleased to have delivered Polish nation the truth about what is happening with Poland since 2003.

Mossad boy boy seems to celebrate today(something I have not seen in him since we met again in this room), but its all for nothing. Perhaps when am gone for good(God will decide about my struggle with evil on earth), but in my life time, I will never ever cross even in my mind to the land of Satan.

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