Friday, August 17, 2018

Gora - Kalwaria

I have more than enough material now to complete whole project...a Russian couple departed today to Gora - Kalwaria center for foreigners...all I can say is that Gora - Kalwaria center has nothing compared to Debak(according to my neighbor from Slovenia Kolenc, niece's husband Veber, Pahor - they were all disappointed, but we are talking about small girls here and not grown up men - they complained and complained about it in 2005) forest wise, but one is located along the Vistula river(clean part of  Vistula river) and has a polygon(I think size of decent soccer field /stadium where one can exercise - incl. climbing) not too far from immigrant center...what you read here is again straight from my memory - how would I know all this if I wouldn't be there already...

My neighbor Dane Kolenc also tried to learn Polish, but he was wayyyy 2 dumb(lazy is the right word) to learn anything....cried and cried to me like a baby when I was subjected to MKULTRA...niece's husband who did learned Polish first gestured me on how he did it for me so I could tell world and use language fact as a MKULTRA proof, but it didn't take long for him to change mind and begun to gesture on how he would use language and acquaintances from Poland to cause me problems in Poland...regular "cry babies"(he was perhaps 27 years old at the time and I am will be soon 47 - it feels great to know that 25 years olds who went through nothing competed physically and mentally with my age - never mind books of issues which I have crossed).

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