Monday, August 20, 2018

I will not be working any time soon, but am thankful to KGB for "employment opportunities" in Poland(they are much more generous that what they were in Slovenia and Belarus).

Got offer from KGB to earn 120 PLN per day, but will skip one and here is why(will wait few moths more - use time to learn language instead)...

What penalties are foreseen for illegal employment of a foreigner?
An employer who employs a foreigner illegally may be subject to a fine of 3000 to 5000 PLN.

A foreigner working in violation of Polish law may incur a penalty of 1000 to 5000 PLN. Such a person may also receive a decision obliging him to leave Poland  (more information about the obligation to leave Polish territory is available here->) or a deportation order may be issued against him (what does deportation mean?->). In this case, the costs of expulsion shall be borne by the employer. 

Also, according to the law, employers must make sure before hiring non-EU citizens that the foreigner has a valid residence permit and inform the appropriate authorities of the employment of such a person. For entrusting a job to a foreigner without the right of residence, the employer will incur a fine, and will also be obliged to pay the salary arrears due to the illegally employed foreigner (a presumption of existence of an employment relationship for a period of 3 months shall apply) and related benefits (social security contributions, tax), and to cover the cost of the foreigner's return to his country of origin. In addition, such employers will be banned from benefiting from public subsidies, including EU funds.

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