Monday, August 20, 2018

In Poland(within EU and Schengen area as well), you are subject to Polish laws and Poland has the right to use laws of organisations/treaties of which member is(it really doesn't matter if you are Ukrainian or from Zimbabwe/moon - you are to obay laws).

Poland is not as fragile as Berlin and Moscow believe don't pass easily here....
"Activist" Lyudmyla Kozlovska, and her Polish husband Bartosz Kramek should make stop instead in fourt Reich if so much interested in promotion of neonazism...

Aan Ukrainian diplomat, I wouldn't waste single second in respect to Poland...Moscow and Berlin have no answer in respect to Ukraine, Warszaw does. Familiar Ukrainian faces(already integrated in Poland from the past are numerous Ukrainians who now live in beautiful and friendly Poland) can confirm stated here(Ukraine and Poland are made for one another).

Strange as it sounds, neonazis(plane neonzis and neonazis who are hiding behind red star) are today into "human rights" and civil disobedience(otherwise strictly prohibited in Berlin and Moscow)...

Poland bans Ukraine activist from Europe, raising questions

WARSAW, Poland — Poland has used its powers as a European Union member to ban a Ukrainian human rights activist from Europe's Schengen area, saying she poses a security threat. But the Polish government has given few details explaining the move, and critics are accusing it of abusing its power to intimidate civil society and the country's Ukrainian minority.

The activist, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, and her Polish husband Bartosz Kramek say they consider the move punishment for their open opposition to Poland's government, particularly a call last year by Kramek for civil disobedience.

A government official called their allegations "hugely exaggerated."

Some Polish officials have claimed Kozlovska has ties to the Russian military.

Kozlovska was stopped Aug. 13 at the Brussels airport after arriving from Kiev and returned the next morning.

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