Friday, August 31, 2018

Go to Belsat's news site and see what is happening in Belarus

You don't think invasion on Crimea and eastern part of Ukraine on what Russian anthem was replaced by USSR was serious enough sign to raise alarm !!????? Putin even named his military unites after regions/towns in Ukraine...what do you think is happening and is about to happen !!????

Here is what border between Ukraine and Russia(Belarus acts as part of Russia and is designed to boost Putin's reputation with official reunification after fall of Ukraine) looks like and its from where tanks will ride on Ukrainian territory...from there on to Poland and so on...United we stand and one bye one we all fall...

Its what Moscowian Hitlers think will be the case, but I think it will result in biggest defeat of Russia ever. Defeat from which one may never ever even recuperate while Serbia may vanish forever. Slavic nations will end as 100% broken more than ever before.

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